The United States - Panama Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA)

About the Secretariat

The Secretariat for Submissions on Environmental Enforcement Matters (SEEM) is an agency created within the framework of the Trade Promotion Agreement, which promotes public participation and encourages awareness about environmental matters.

What is the specific task of the Secretariat for the Application of Environmental Legislation (SEEM)?

Specifically, the Secretariat receives and assesses every report indicating that, either Panama or the United States, is not effectively enforcing its environmental law.

How do the environmental submissions mechanisms work?

Who can file a submission?

Any person from a Party can file submissions assuring that one of the Signing Countries is not complying with the effective enforcement of their environmental law.

Which parameters should the submission follow?

The submission can be introduced in English or Spanish, and it must include any necessary information to support its claim. Once it is introduced before the Secretariat, and if the submission complies with the requirements, a response on behalf of the country will be requested.

Following the response from the Party, the Secretariat may recommend to the Environmental Affairs Council about the creation of a Factual Record. The Environmental Affairs Council is comprised by the top level representatives of each country. One single vote of any of the Council's members will suffice to create the file. The Factual Record is a report that gathers detailed information related to the received submission.

What is the criteria for the development of a factual record?

The Environmental Affairs Council will consider opening a Factual Record according to the requirements of the Environmental Chapter (17) of the United States -- Panama Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA)

How can I file an environmental submission?

Submissions related to Environmental Law Enforcement. They are one of the citizen participation mechanisms established by the United States - Panama TPA.

The Factual Records

Considering the response of a public Submission, the secretariat will create a report suggesting the Environmental Council the development of a Factual Record. The Final Factual Record shall be considered by the Environmental Council in light of the Environmental Chapter (17) and the Environmental Cooperation Agreement

Which are the main objectives of the Secretariat for Environmental Enforcement Matters?

The Secretariat for Environmental Enforcement Matters (SEEM) is a body created under the United States - Panama Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA), with two main objectives: the consideration of all Environmental Submissions from the Public and the consideration of Factual Records.

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