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Panama Bay wetland

Panama City, May 10, 2019. On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, María Gabriella Dutary and Luisa Pilar Araúz Arredondo, citizens of Panama and practicing attorneys, on their own behalf, presented an Environmental Submission via e-mail to the Secretariat for Environmental Enforcement Matters (SEEM) of the United States – Panama Trade Promotion Agreement (US-Panama TPA), in which they claim that the Republic of Panama is not effectively enforcing its environmental legislation.

In the Communication, identified as SALA-CA-PMA / 001/2019 "Bay of Panama Wetlands," the submitters assert that the Republic of Panama has failed to comply with environmental legislation in Panama, with respect to the development of a management plan for the wildlife refuge Bay of Panama Wetland.

SEEM is currently analyzing the Environmental Submission to determine compliance with the submission requirements established in Article 17.8.2 of Chapter 17 of the US-Panama TPA in order to continue with the corresponding procedures.


  • Submission No.:
  • Date of Receipt:
    08 May 2019
  • Solicitor(s):
    • Mgtr. María Gabriella Dutari
    • Mgtr. Luis Pilar Araúz Arredondo
  • State Party:



Determination 003.2019

Determination No. 003/2019 regarding the analysis to determine whether before the Communication presented whether or not the opening of a File is recommended of Facts, in accordance with the considerations of Article 17.9 numeral 1 of the Trade Promotion Agreement between Panama and the United States (TPC- Panama - USA).
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Copy of Official Gazette Resolution DM-0459-2019
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Recibo de Comunicación Ambiental Versión Inglés.
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