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The United States - Panama Trade Promotion Agreement

the United States of America - Panama Trade Promotion Agreement (US -Panama TPA), came into force on October 21, 2012, as a result of a prolonged term of negotiations that covered four government administrations.

What are the objectives of the TPA’s?

In general, TPA’s aim is to establish agreements for the scheduled release of merchandise trade between the signatory countries. Being historical trading partners, Panama and the United States pursue with this effort the strengthening and increase of the trade relations between both countries.

What do the TPA’s regulate?

Unlike previous agreements, the United States – Panama TPA, not only regulates the exchange of goods, but also extends to trade in services and investments. Additionally, it addresses other issues related to trade such as intellectual property, government purchases, labor aspects, cooperation, dispute resolution, and environmental aspects that are related to commercial activity.

Information obtained from the Explanatory Document of the Trade Promotion Treaty (TPC) Panama and the United States of America. Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Office of International Trade Negotiations. General Direction of Administration of International Commercial Treaties 2012.


Chapter 17 Environment

Factual Records

The Secretariat for Submissions on Environmental Enforcement Matters (SEEM)